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IIoT Enablement

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Scientific Approach

We are focusing on design-oriented research, that is to say research related to the development of new concepts, models, methods and solutions that help guiding companies through the required IIoT transition. This is to be seen in the context of strategy and business models for the IIoT, the organizational perspective, as well as required capabilities for the IIoT. We are differentiating between approaches, which are applicable for large enterprises vs. small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our research targets individuals and organizations that provide resources for the research and in return expects favorable results for themselves. According to design-oriented information systems research, the research process is iterative and comprise the phases Analysis, Design, Evaluation and Diffusion.

The research is conducted especially in testbed environments.

We are using a jointly designed Framework of Reference to help structuring our research objects and objectives. This framework is matching different verticals, use cases and IT / OT patterns found in the Industrial Internet.

  • Interdisciplinarity: IIoT as our guiding and connecting topic + IIC organizational connection + specific research topic that can be combined to form comprehensive models, solutions, methods and concepts.
  • IIC practical know-how & expertise are practical results as ideal research basis and scientific perspective.
  • Scientific perspective on IIC methods and cases are Ideal partner for IIC to bring result on a broad platform.

“The IIC (Industrial internet Consortium) Research Group deals with techniques and methodologies that help enterprises to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Dirk Slama, Methodolgy Lead Research Group


We create the blueprint for the design of scientific research in IIoT – the House of IIC is our overarching regulatory framework and ensures the international applicability of our blueprint.Our research activities are practice-oriented and tailored to the requirements of the current market. In doing so, we address the challenges faced by companies, both SMEs and large companies, and provide implementation-oriented solution modules for this IIoT user group. At the same time, we use this close collaboration with companies as a practical validation option for our research activity. The focus of our research activities is the design-oriented approach. Within these activities, we are always ready to cooperate with other platforms and organizations.

Research Group Alignment

During our regularly meetings and events, we identify for each researcher a respective area of the framework below. Thereby, collaboration can be defined and common projects initiated. The framework consists of the various components that are relevant for an IIoT solution but also shows the ecosystem aspects of such solutions. If you are interested in joining this research group, please reach out to our contact person below.

Earlier Events

IIC Winter School

2020-03-05+06; IIC Research Group meets Practical Quests; Heilbronn/Germany 2019-01-14; IIoT Project Management; Stuttgart/Germany
IIC Research Group Meetings
2019-07-16-IIoT Enablement 5th Meeting; Berlin/Germany 2018-11-12-15-IIoT Enablement 4th Meeting; Stuttgart/Germany 2018-07-12-IIoT Enablement 3rd Meeting; Berlin/Germany 2018-01-25-IIoT Enablement 2nd Meeting; Stuttgart-Hohenheim/Germany 2017-10-10-IIoT Enablement 1st Meeting; Berlin/Germany
IIC Member Meetings
2020-03-09-12; Athen/Greece 2020-06-22-25; Boston MA/USA 2020-09-29-10-02; Singapore 2020-12-07-10; Austin Texas/USA 2019-11-18-21; Sydney/Australia 2019-09-09-12; South California/USA 2019-05-20-23; Cork/Ireland 2019-02-11-14; Raleigt North California/USA 2018-05-21-24; Helsinki/Finnland

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